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Vintage Travelposter 2

Das zweite Plakat der Vintage Reiseposter Serie. Diesesmal befinden wir uns im Südtirol an dem Lago di Misurina. Da befindet sich dieses schmucke Hotel umgeben von den beeindruckenden Dolomiten. Es hat mich von der Ästhetik sofort an Wes Anderson erinnert weshalb ich es einfach auf einem Poster verewigen musste.

Nr. 2 of my ongoing vintage travelposter series. This beautiful (and kinda Wes Andersonish) scenery was in the dolomites where we drove by last october. I say drove by because that was one of the first moments we realised that a proper insulation in our van is something we really didn’t think of. And also maybe a heater.. So we ended up staying only for a couple of days. But nonetheless it was absolutely stunning to see this breathtaking mountain scenery in full autumn-glory.