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MINT & Pepper

I was asked to create the music and sound design of this wonderful project.

An educational short film we produced for ETH Zurich’s Cybathlon@school and MINT & Pepper workshops. The true story of Hitzi, ambassador for CYBATHLON@school, should raise awareness among kids, adolscents and teachers about the challenges people with physical disabilities face every day, promote inclusion and inspire future generations to pursue careers in STEM to help great guys like Hitzi.

Client: ETH Zurich, Cybathlon, MINT & Pepper
Concept: Team Tumult & Cornelia Vecellio
Produced by Team Tumult

Direction: Marwan Abdalla Eissa & Frederic Siegel
Consulting: Cornelia Vecellio
Animation & Illustration: Frederic Siegel, Hannes Oehen, Daniel Harisberger
Director of Photography: Florian Winkler
Gaffer: Simon Wottreng
Camera Assistant: Peter Siggs
Recordings: Alex Biondi
Grading: Adriel Pfister

Voice Actor: Simon Hitzinger
Voice Recordings: Jakob Eisenbach
Sounddesign: Nico Kast
Musik: Pascal Schönenberger, Nico Kast

Darsteller: Simon Hitzinger, Rahel Portmann, Sara Portmann, Alex Antosch, Dina Youakim, Lukas Schiller, Nora Eirich, Sofia Martinez Gomez, Jonathan Perraudin, Phil Burri, Anja Cordelia Reimann, Matthias Balint, Paolo Stierlin Szalo, Jamie Lam, Timo Schleiffer, Peer Zeller